Thursday, June 9, 2016

My Queue

I've been stuck. I have all of these ideas, but I'm having a hard time getting them down on paper. So, I've decided to do something fun! The next in the Hauseman Guild series HAS to come out next, but I am letting YOU decided which book in queue I work on next. It's an election year after all, so we might as well get in the spirit. And these are candidates that you can unashamedly support. No misogyny, no potential indictments, no party lines, just good, quality fiction. That's right, YOU get to determine my fate. The power! The control! YOUR NAME IN THE ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS! You can have it all, just comment below on which book you think I should write next! Nothing like a little pressure to prime the pump, right?

This is a collection of short stories about a planet stuck on an event horizon. A frame story, this follows the lives of all who inhabit it and must dance around the timelines or face the consequences. A single misstep could take you 100 years into the future, or the past.

This is a new idea I just started kicking around today about a young woman who gets superpowers, but told from a distinctly Christian perspective. Fun idea.

The Skater Girls of Afghanistan
This is a story told from five different points of view. Set in Afghanistan, it follows the lives of five young women from childhood through adulthood.

Middle grade fiction about a young woman who is struggling with identity issues. Feeling her life is out of control and struggling to come to terms with her parents' divorce, she makes a wish to become a mermaid. She does, but she is a shark/human hybrid. As such, she has to find her peace in a way she never imagined.

The Last Faerie
A sweet story about the very last faerie who is forced to Become before her time to battle the forces of evil. This story started as a bedtime story I told my kiddos.

Danny Daimiano
Another book set in the same world as Charlotte and Daisy, this one starts right after Unification and tells the story of a young soldier turned boxer who is involved in the mob. The mob, on the other hand, is involved in a tech race. What happens when he runs afoul of their plans?

The Incredible Adventures of Absolutely Normal
Don't. Please just don't. This is my opus. I'm not good enough yet.

Ready, set, VOTE!!