Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Playin' a 'Lil Catch-up

It's been a bad couple of days.  The kind of days that make you want to punch someone in the throat and, in lieu of that, pull out your hair and scream like a banshee.  I mean truly, what's the matter with people this days.  Undependable, irresponsible, immature. Argh.  So, I needed to laugh. Nothing makes me laugh like the Muppets.  The song Manah Manah has always been able to reduce me to screaming giggles.  It now has an extra layer of awesome because my husband taught our daughter that song while picking her up in China while I was home with our younger children.  So, her first words to me were "Hi Mommy - Me-nah, Me-nah!" Let me tell you, there's nothing in the world that beats that. So, today, I'm listening to Manah Manah and the Snowths.

What song always makes you giggle?

Also,  little catch up for the days I missed.

H is for Hey by the Pixies
J is for Justin Vernon and Bruised Orange
K is for Lily Kershaw and As it Seems
L is for Lies oh Lies by Piney Gir who I WILL find a way to talk about again, even if it means someone else gets the ax.

1 comment:

  1. Oh that's it...it's confirmed. We are somehow related, connected...something. LOL
    This is an old love of mine. I am not a Muppet Movie fan but the Muppet Show? LOVE LOVE LOVE
    Ya just made me laugh out loud at work & yes, I played it more than once. :P