Saturday, April 5, 2014

Day 5 - E is for Eurydice's Song

Did you know that there is a folk opera that has been based on a Greek myth?  No, not that one.  A different one.  A much, much, much BETTER one. Underworlds better, in fact.  There are people whose music I adore the first time I hear it.  There are people whose voices I enjoy.  This album, though, is head and shoulders above most everything I've heard. In her album, Hadestown, Anais Mitchell retells the story of Eurydice and her trip through Hades.  It is so amazingly well done, original, clever, and there's something about Mitchell's, slightly nasally voice that I adore, especially when paired with the impeccable deep bass of Justin Vernon who someday I will convince to be my personal lullabyist.  One of my favorite songs is "Eurydice's Song (Flowers)."

Do you know of any other albums that tell a story. . . not as in "wow those lyrics tell a story" but literally tell a story?

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  1. The Who's TOMMY is the first that comes to mind.