Thursday, April 3, 2014

C's Abound on Day 3

It's Day Three of the A to Z Blogging Challenge and I have a plethora of them for your, a crowd of "c"s if you will, a cacophony of c.  You get the point.
        One day while babysitting, back in the woebegone days when there were still actual videos on MTV, a new song was released by a bunch of cool cats by the name of Aerosmith.  The song was "Cryin' and I was sold from the first harmonica riff.  I'm a sucker for some good harmonica.  Incidentally, that song is also on my playlist, and so I will include it below as part of my "song's I write to" alphabet blitz.  That song is not what this blog was about, but as I still love it we will pause for a minute to reminisce with an old friend.

Yup. Still good.  But anyway, so I went to my Mom's house that weekend and begged and pleaded until she took me to the mall where I bought the single.  For those of you who may not know, a "single" was like buying one song off of iTunes and getting another not as good song for free.  They were a little bulky, but fit conveniently in a fanny pack.  But I digress. Again. It's probably the rain.  "Mom" I said when we got home, "you've gotta hear this."  So I played it for her and she looked at me with this very strange look in her eye and went and got one of her old records from the garage.  This record had a woman wearing a red shirt and weird round sunglasses on the cover.  "If you like that, you might like this," she said.  And so I was introduced to Janis Joplin via her song "Cry, Baby."  To say that I was obsessed was a bit of an understatement.  As anyone who knew me in high school can attest, my bellbottom and tie dye collection soon reached epic proportions.  My first car was a yellow VW Bug.  I began to favor harmony balls on long leather strings and still prefer Tevas and platforms to any other kind of footwear.  And I still listen to Janis.  Granted, that scratchy, soulful voice doesn't appeal to my children as much as it does to me, and it tends to drive my husband out of the room which may or may not be a good thing, depending on the day, so i dont' get to listen to her as much as I'd like.  But man, when I do, I do.

I am such a fan of the Pearl that she is actually featured in my Champions Challenge (see, more c's) over at The Iron Writer.  The Iron Writer is a flash fiction challenge of which I've been a part for nearly a year now, in which challengers are given four elements and four days to write a 500 word story.  One of the elements this time was "your favorite karaoke song" and so I decided to do a literary retelling of another Janis song "Me and Bobby McGee."   This is the championship round,  a March Madness bracket style competition which I've made it to every time, but have never gotten past the first round.  Kinda like the Buckeyes this year.   If you get a minute, I'd sure appreciate your vote.  Simply click here and then vote for "Me and Bobby McGee" by K.A. DaVur.  This blog post may actually beat their server update, so if the stories aren't up please please please check back.  

In the meantime, tell me, what's your favorite song from the 60's?


  1. Pretty much anything by the Beatles. :) Yeah, I'm one of those. :)

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  2. I have to say, my fave 60's songs are anything by the Bee Gees. NOT the disco-loving Bee Gees of the 70's but the super cool guys with the soul stirring lyrics before disco ruined the world ;)