Thursday, April 10, 2014

Blogging A to Z - Iz

Every now and then a great TV show pairs an profound moment with an amazing song.  It combines for this great audio/visual semi-visceral experience. They wring the emotions outta ya. To me, the best example of this was when Dr. Mark Greene (who I'm sorry, but will always be Goose to me) died on E.R. It was a sweet, touching scene and in the background was playing a version of "What a Wonderful World/Somewhere Over the Rainbow"  that I had never heard. Those were already two of my favorite songs; this took them to a whole 'nother level. It stuck with me; enough so that years later, when Google had put all of the information and misinformation and kitten memes in all the world at our fingertips, I thought "I bet I could figure out what that song was." Sure enough, it was there. A couple of months later, for my birthday, my husband presented me with a CD by Israel Kamikawiwo'ole, otherwise known as Iz. He has become well known for the song that introduced me, but his entire collection of work is equally as good. It is, simultaneously, playful and sweet and melancholy and cheerful.  Soothing.  After yesterday, one of those bad days that reaches epic proportions, I could do with some soothing.  Today while I write I'm listening to Iz.

Are there any songs that were introduced to you by TV?

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  1. I finally had a minute to listen to this...absolutely wonderful <3 How can you listen to this & not be happy? :D