Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A to Z with Great Big Sea

Add Great Big Sea to the list of my favorite non-Irish, Irish bands. These guys are practically family. I listen to them when I write, we listen to them while we drive. I find myself dancing barefoot around the kitchen.  My five-year old sings "Charlie Horse" and "Captain Kidd" while he colors.  Hailing from Newfoundland, this trio of incredibly hot, shaggy haired, gravelly voiced guys holds up their reputation for holding the biggest kitchen party in the world.  I'm especially all giddy and drooling over the accordion player.  No, really. Like, the world's hottest accordion player. Ever. Anyhow, they sing quite a lot of traditional songs incredibly well.  I love their versions of Forget me Not, River Driver, and General Taylor. They lay it freaking out. They also have some fun original creations.  The Mermaid is the kind of playful, punny, silly nonsense that would be at home in any pub show in any Renaissance Faire anywhere. My eight year old can't understand why he liked the mermaid with the fish head and the lady legs more than the mermaid with the lady head and the fish tail. I'm gonna let him ponder that for a while. Twenty years maybe. My favorite, though, is Sea of No Cares. I hope you enjoy.  Tonight, I'm letting them sing me to sleep. Good night.

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