Friday, April 4, 2014

A to Z Challenge Day 4- Damien Rice

Welcome to Day 4 of the A to Z blogging challenge, where I continue to expose you to Songs I Like.  Today it's the third rainy day in a row, the sky is gray and the daffodils are looking a little dejected.  In my novel, on which I've made a huge amount of progress this month, my protagonist is feeling a little dejected.  And, to be honest, I'm feeling just a wee bit dejected as well.  It's a good day for Damien Rice.
I was introduced to Damien Rice at a pretty rough time in my life by a friend who was, in turn, introduced to him when he was going through a rough time.  This is not a coincidence; Rice's music sits gently, it's a balm to the soul.  Unlike some other performers whose music is a level of hopelessness that makes me feel like leaping off of a tall building would be a good idea if it wasn't just so damned much work, this dude perfectly nails melancholy.  And he does it so incredibly smoothly. The lyrics, the voice, the guitar, man it all goes down like a nice bourbon, and you can apply them all as liberally as you like without any worries about how you'll feel the next morning. There's nothing that he sings that I don't like, and his performance of "Hallelujah" at the Leonard Cohen tribute is one of the best I've heard, but today I'm going to introduce you the same way that I was introduced.  With "Cannonball."

Oh and for a different take on music and the A to Z challenge,  visit newbie blogger Cassie Ray Clark.   In the meantime, who do you snuggle when you're a 'lil down?


  1. I almost always turn to the smooth trance of Conjure One, specifically the vocals of POE. "Center of the Sun" is exquisite for that bit of hope without sugarcoating, and "Tears from the Moon" is a perfectly fine breakup/longing kinda thing.

  2. A certain lovely friend recently introduced me to Damien Rice right on time, when I needed something calming, a bit weepy but not enough to make me wanna play in traffic ;) Lovin' discoverin' his tunes while supposed to be working.
    As for what I usually listen to when "bumming" it's not what you'd think, I like to take my sad to mad with some Ozzy or Metallica.
    ps thanks for the Damien Rice intro, you're awesome
    Cassie <3