Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Guest Post: Pirate Kitty

I'm joined today by Pirate Kitty, beloved First Mate of author Etta Jean whose steamy fantasy novel "Chronicle of Summer" was released on Valentine's Day.  Read Pirate Kitty's Exploits below and then take a peek at what Etta Jean has been up to. 

Captain's Log 05 May 2013

The Admiral be up to something mighty strange. She's taken everything in our base and put it into boxes. The boys like the boxes for the way they make climbing easy, but I'm a cave girl myself. The Admiral has been unhappy with the boxes she made—you got me as to why—but me Admiral is a plucky gal with much determination. She'll make it right.

Captain's Log 27 November 2013

What the hell?! Over the last week, me and the boys have watched the Admiral put every last item into boxes. This very morning, she even tore down the humming machine that she's always meddling with. Seemed like a regular day at first. She and the Skipper went off to wherever it is they go during the day, and me and the boys got down to our normal routine of pillaging and napping. I finally killed that rascally stuff rabbit and got it up the stairs. Sucker was bigger'n Yello' Bastian; I'd get goodies for sure.

When the Admiral and Skipper returned to base, they got to work. All those boxes? Lined up in neat rows. Dark Smudge sulked over losing his perch, and Yello' Bastian hid. Something began to be familiar to me and Black Hawk, and we merely watched and waited. Some of the boxes were taken out and put in the metal ships. Fluffy blankets and pillows went too. The humming machines went into the Admiral's metal ship. I watched and waited intently from my hidden spot amid the small boxes. My tail twitched against my will as the Admiral came upstairs with a familiar carrying case. It was my case. My lovely leather nap spot with its pink and brown colors and squishy bedding. She put it down and walked away and I just couldn't resist going inside for a quick nap.

Oooh! Damn her and her human reflexes and opposable thumb! She snapped the door shut and zipped me inside. As I glared through the mesh of my portable prison, I saw me boys go running for their lives. Black Hawk was nabbed on the stairs and put into another prison. He didn't bother to complain; he just looked at me and we sighed. It isn't always good to be right.

I know not how the Admiral caught Dark Smudge and Yello' Bastian, but I heard the cat-erwauling, and the Admiral was sporting some new claw marks as she returned down the stairs. She stuffed Bastian in me with (thanks, for that!) and put Smudge in with Hawk. She hefted both prisons to cart us downstairs, and even the cranky kits had to be impressed. Humans are often such weak creatures we forget our Admiral can do anything.

Our prisons were put into the metal ship, and she set us sailing down the concrete sea. Yello' Bastian and Dark Smudge put up the wailingest of noises; Bastian has never been in a metal ship other than to go to the doc, and Smudge just doesn't like it. The Admiral started talking and singing to them to calm them down, and even the 'fraidy brat mellowed. We love the Admiral's voice.

It seemed forever until the ship was docking inside a wholly new place. It looked like the cargo bay of our old base, but it was empty and clean. The surroundings were not familiar. The Skipper arrived right behind us, and she carried one prison while the Admiral carried the other. They brought us inside the main building, and I knew at once that we had a new base. It smelled of the Admiral and Skipper already, and I could recognize some scents from our allies. It felt big and empty, and none of the boxes were there yet. Our prisons were set down in the middle of a sea of tan puff floor, and the doors were opened. None of us wanted to move but finally I took charge. I was the captain. It was my duty to go first. I stepped out onto the puff, and the lure of the new base beckoned. A whole new adventure had arrived.

And, speaking of adventure: 

It has been nine years for Lucksphere. A devastating battle that shattered millennia of beliefs looms in the past. Magi are confused, the Black Magi Elite are in hiding, and Chronicles are still murdered on discovery. Yet a secret hides within the sheltering arms of the world. A secret that the Elite will literally kill to find and the Dragons are rushing to find first:

Tariah and Morgan Chronis are not the only Chronicles who have made it past puberty.

The four Chronicle children that Morgan sent away for safety are now becoming adults. Kelsey Renaire is a fiery Master Weaponsmith with often more sass than sense. Roman Arequo is an aloof and airy farmer who dabbles in glass carving. C.J. Daragon is a gentle weaver who creates beauty from soil and sand. Jayda Lakemore is a gifted doctor whose watery talents mend all but the most terminal injuries. Secretly living as Master Magi, all have felt isolated from their peers. All have suspected there might be something more to their power.

None of them know what destiny lays in front of them.

As the Elite rise again and strike out in ways that threaten to tear the land to pieces, the six Chronicles of Lucksphere and their Furies are going to have to join forces and fight not only for their right to live, but for the rights of the Magi and Kin as well. If they don't work fast, this summer will be last for Lucksphere.

Will love finally defeat hate?

Etta Jean was born in Sacramento, California and destined from birth to be a bard. She told tall tales while devouring the creative worlds of others until she finally had to create her own. She has seen both good and evil in her life, and her stories, like life, have no half measures. Her happy endings never come without cost, though, for she truly believes we can't appreciate the good and the joy without the bad and the pain along the way. Her current haunt is a comfy house in her beloved hometown where she wrangles three feline fur-kids while constantly overbooking her calendar. If she's not chained to her desk, she's stomping through the scenery in search of equally fantastical photographs.
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  1. I'm having so much fun telling my Pirate Patches' tales. Hehe! Thanks for giving me a spotlight for them!