Saturday, October 12, 2013

Help for Houseless Authors

If you spend any amount of time talking to authors, and I have had the joy to talk to a lot, you'll find that the vast majority has a horror story or two about a former publisher.  Small press publishing houses are often run by one or two individuals, and often as a side job to the one that actually pays the bills. Poor health, financial obligations, or even the stress of running a house can cause a publisher to close with little to no warning.  Or, in the worst case scenario, a publisher may just lose interest.  When this happens the writers who were signed to the publisher are left a bit out to sea.  Their titles are no longer able to be purchased or printed or, if they are, they find themselves no longer receiving adequate communication or representation.  All of a sudden, their careers are at a standstill as they find themselves having to reshop their manuscripts and scramble to meet prior obligations.  I was unfortunate enough to have this very experience this fall.  I signed with a publisher in April, and in August was informed that said publisher would no longer be releasing new titles.  In the hubbub that followed, I was forced to seriously reexamine my options.  After a great deal of thought, research, and planning, I have decided to join forces with Marian Allen and T Lee Harris to open a new publishing house that focuses on not only producing books of amazing quality but actively promoting our authors and conducting our business in  such as manner that we ensure, insomuch as we are able, that our house will be here for each other for a very long while.
The house has two imprints: Line By Lion Publications is dedicated to the children's line, and Three Fates Press will be the house for works written for adults.  We currently have a groupfunding campaign to help us with this process, and hope to have Facebook and webpages by the end of this week.  We are so very, very excited to embark on this venture, and hope that you will join us.  Keep your eye out as we update our author and event lists!

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