Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Banned Book Month- The Boy Who Was Banned

Doo do Doo Do DOOOOOOO do dooo.  Can you name that tune in seven notes? How about seven books?  The Harry Potter series is one of the largest pop culture phenomenons, spawning board games, video games, coined phrases, and a wealth of deathly hallows tattoos.   While I don't feel that it has the same quality of effects on our society, no one can deny that it is a tasty, tasty bit of brain candy.  Who doesn't have their favorite House, or character (Rupert, if you're reading this,call me)?  The answer is a surprising amount.  The series came under attack immediately upon gaining popularity simply because of one word: witchcraft.  Ill-informed individuals believed that the witchcraft referred to in this book was synonymous with witchcraft as performed by those who practice Wicca.  While I obviously don't believe that the book ought be banned in any case, the level of misunderstanding in this conflict only served to heighten the offense.  Obviously, the protective charms cast by the crew in Hogwart's were able to withstand the attempted banning.

Writing Prompt: Cast a spell.  Write a short story in which a character casts a spell - in whatever manner you choose.

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