Monday, September 16, 2013

Banned Book Month- And we are back

Hello, everyone.  I apologize for the lack of posts. Satellite internet and storms are not a happy combination.  I'm back, though, with today's banned book- Bridge to Terebithia.  Bridge to Terebithia is a middle grade fiction novel featuring Leslie and Jess, two unlikely friends who meet in the cow pasture while Jess is practicing to become the fastest boy in his grade.  Their friendship grows as they find mutual ground in art and loneliness.  Jess is able to provide Leslie with some stability and friendship, and Leslie shows him how to open up and use his imagination as they have a series of adventures revolving around an imaginary land across a river.  Tragically, Leslie dies and Jess is left to deal with the guilt and returned loneliness.  The story ends with hope, as Jess introduced his younger sister to Terebithia.  Sadly, opponents of this book have found fault in the language (the kids say "Oh Lordy" often), and the perceived disrespect to parents.

Today's Prompt: Those wily kids.  Write a story in which kids engage in mild disobedience or adventure.

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