Saturday, June 15, 2013

Cover Reveal

I have been lucky and blessed enough to be signed by Hydra Publications.  This is the fulfillment of a dream that I have had since I was a very young girl, and an incredibly humbling experience as I join some of the most amazing authors I have ever had the opportunity to read.  Truly.  I bought books from every publishing house that I was considering, and chose Hydra in part because holy wow, these cats are amazing.  On July 25th, at Fandom Fest in Louisville, my novel will be joining the ranks.  I am giddy, girlishly, jumping up and down thrilled!

Hunter the Horrible is a middle grade fiction piece about a group of misfits who become convinced that their teacher is, in fact, a vampire.  Hilarious mishaps about as they try to prove it, and the story ends with the surprising truth and an epic battle to the death.  You can find out more about it, play some games, and read an excerpt here. But, for now, I have something I've gotta show you.

You see, contrary to the belief held by my four small children, I am not an artist. I'm not sure how they became convinced that I am, but I actually got asked last week to draw a snake who was a knight riding a battle skunk.  I love art.  I admire artists.  While working on this project I had the wondeful opporuntity to work with the incredibly artistic if not a little twisted mind of Gary McCluskey.  He listened to my input, read an excerpt, and created the cover below.  I love it, and I hope that you do as well!   

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