Thursday, May 16, 2013

Story a Day in May - Blue Horizon

As a prompt, we were given the 1940's song "Blue Horizon."  I love playing with voice, so I decided to write the story in a 1940's film noir femme fatale style.  PG 13/R Rated. 

Ya got a smoke?  Thanks, Mister.  Ya know, Harvey wasn’t even my type.  He was a, a, flash int eh pan, a ship passing in the night.  And with so many boys runnin off to join the Navy, well, a good ship was getting hard to find.  He made it sound so glamorous, dressin up in jewels every night, getting hot under the lights.  I tell ya, after two year s of dressing up to get hot next to the deep fryer, that sounded about like heaven.  Enough to make me forget his, shortcomins.  So I started workin at the Blue Horizon.  That first night I got back to the room I shared with three other gals, I cried my eyes out ‘til some tramp throws her pillow at me and tell me to shut it.  And Harvey, he keeps tellin me all these big time muckety mucks are gonna be all over me, they’re gonna think I’m the tops.  They were all over me all right.  The tops.  The bottoms,.  And the sneaky little suckers who’d kinda slide in from the side.  If hands were Huns I’d swear that Germany had won the war.  I tried to leave about a million times, but it was funny, somehow at the end of the night I always ended up owing money.  Dress rental, stage clean up fees, drink tabs.  You name it, they shyster.  So when I met Ronnie I jumped at, well, that too, but I jumped at the chance to bring Harvey down a notch or two.  Ronnie was a cop whose Daddy was a cop, turns out the guys were givin him a hard time.  So’s he’s gonna prove himself.  Wansta know if I got any dirt on Harvey.  I told him, I said, “Kid I got dirt on half the city.”  See, guys may pay money to look at my gals but the part they really want is my ears.  But, you know, I don’t want to trouble so I don’t tell him nothin’.  That kid, though, he won’t take no for an answer.  He starts showing up after work with flowers, openin my car doors, sayin I oughta be treated like a lady.  So one night I tell him about Harvey’s little weekly poker nights.  The one in the back room with those hard looking cats with the greased back hair and the guns too big for their britches.  Next thing I know those cats are in the doghouse and the Blue Horizon is just a pile of Ask and Harvey he’s the one spending his time getting hot under some lights.  Only these lights are the little ones they shine right in your eyes when they take you downtown.  Ask me if I shed a tear.  And get this, the kid wants to marry me, marry me! He said he’d made an honest woman outta me.  Can you see me with a bunch of rugrats.  Ironing his clothes and makin dinner and all that jazz?  He says I’m already a star in his eyes.  I told him if he got stars in his eyes he needs to see a doctor or something.  I don’t’ know, though.  I just might take him up on it.  Or I must go on home, see if the diner is still hirin.  I bet I can still flip an over easy without breakin the yolk.  All’s I know is that with that Blue Horizon gone, there ain’t nothin standin in my way. 

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