Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Story a Day - Operation Antler Strike

Today we were supposed to use journal entries or letters or something of the like to tell our story.  I'm not sure how great of a story this makes, but I have been needing to create this series of Memos to release on my book's website, so at any rate I'm very glad I got this done. 

17APR2012                                                                                                                          FOUO: Secret

To: All Stalkers

Re: Operation Antler Strike

Currently accepting volunteers for all Stalkers Boar Class and above for participation in Operation Antler Strike.  Suspected Class 2 hive activity detected in Colorado, all personnel must be prepared to deploy.

03MAY2102                                                                                                                        FOUO: Secret


To: TINE Company


You are hereby ordered to report to Forward Operating Base Packer no later than 15JUN2012 0800 for participation in Operation Antler Strike.  Packing list to follow.

01JUL2012                                                                                                                           FOUO: Top Secret


Hasty Risk Management; Orange

 Mission:  1. Eliminate Class 2 enemy hive.
                    2. Destroy enemy base.
                    3. Detain any Master level enemy for acquisition of intelligence

1.        TINE Company will be split into four squads A-D.  Squads will enter single entry point at 15 minute intervals.

2.       Eliminate enemy targets (suspect  30-50 scouts 2-4 mid-level, and 1 master) 1-9. Leave light grenade to disallow reentry by enemy.

3.        Rendevous in Cell 10 to establish communications, triage.

4.       Squads A,B clear cell 12, 13.  Squad B clear cell 14, 15.  Plant heavy listening device. 

5.       Locate and detain Master level enemy.  

6.       Clear friendlies from hive. Radio contact artillery support unit with coordinates. 

SITREP                                                                                                                                  FOUO: Classified

08JUL2012   0700

Attack on hive as planned in OPORD distributed 01JUL2012.  Hive significantly larger than first believed.  Hasty risk management high yellow. Advised: Continue Mission


SITREP                                                                                                                                  FOUO: Classified


Squads A,B,and C reported to rendezvous point inside hive.  Two casualties. Squad D MIA. Sounds of explosives near entry to hive.

SITREP                                                                                                                                  FOUO:  Classified

09JUL21012 0045

Mission  failure.  Bound retrograde, Loss of caisson at FOB Packer.  Located enemy forces in excess of 100 scout type, 20 mid level, and 5 master level.  2 Master level targets and 7 mid level targets confirmed eliminated.  7 casualties, 3 MIA, one severely wounded, transported to hospital (report reads bear attack).  Evidence that enemy had extreme, top secret knowledge of plan. 

15JUL2012                                                                                                                           FOUO: No Caveats


To:  All Guild Personnel

Re: Memorial Services

All personnel are encouraged to join us at 18JUL2012 1100 at Hutter  Cemetary for burial with full honors of the following fallen Houseman Guild stalkers:

Foley, James P. (Wolf Class)
Morgan, Johannnes R. (Wolf Class)
Hernandez, Angel M. (Wolf Class)
Wallace, Rupert L. (Bear Class)
Beaufort, Olivia R. (Boar Class)
Kadulsi, LeAnna K. (Boar Class)
Brown, Abigail S. (Eagle Class)

Those wishing to remember the families may do so by contacting HQ and asking for Mrs. Fyles.


02AUG2012                                                                                                                        FOUO: Secret


You are hereby ordered to report to New Wallachia, Ohio No later than 21AUG2012 0800.  Housing will be provided. Report to Knock, Will U., Golden Eagle First Class for billeting.  Employment has been arranged at Callahan Middle school in position of librarian.  Observe and report any suspicious activity.  Current threat level GREEN.  As always, thank you for your service. 

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