Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Story a Day in May - Drabble

It's the first of May and Julie, the Prompt Goddess at A Story a Day went easy on us.  Today's assignment: write a 100 word Drabble.  A Drabble must:
1. Contain one or two characters.
2. Describe a decision and how it unfolds.
3. Give one or two vibrant details in few words.
4. Imply that the implications of the decision are far-reaching.

Short word counts are my Achilles' Heel. Still, here is my attempt.

I sat in the corner with my knitting in my lap as I did every week.  In three months I had completed two rows.  Still, it was important, this ruse.  "He must own his treatment," they told me.  God, I hated that. I hated most everything about this place: the therapists' pseudointellectual glasses, the outdated magazines.  Its existence.  She pointed to the toy again.  "You can do it, buddy," she chirped, "call your dog."  Suddenly the word was choking me.  I clenched my jaw until my teeth squeaked in protest, blinked away tears, gripped the chair with white-knuckled hands.  Red-faced, my son opened his mouth.

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  1. Oh, my gosh! I've been taking Mom to outpatient therapy for months, knitting while I wait, and I've seen so many of these interactions! But the kids are SO PROUD when they make the slightest progress. :)

    Can't wait for tomorrow!

    Marian Allen
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